Friday, 3 June 2011

Wrinkles on the LA Bristol

The headline in the LA paper is: JR Throws 'Westside' Hand Sign on East Wall of Bristol Hotel for 'The Wrinkles of the City'. The W sign shows you come from the city's West Side, and was apparently started by the late Baby T of the Grape Street Crips. Since then it has moved from street gangs to the fashionable. This piece of street art on the side of the former Bristol Hotel, which has recently been refurbished, is by the French artist known as JR. It's part of his Wrinkles in the City project, which installs paintings of senior citizens on the sides of buildings in the streets where they live. They are being put up in collaboration with the Free Wall Project, and are being mapped by Google. 
Read the whole story in the Los Angeles Times

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