Monday, 21 December 2009

Bristol hotel revived in Romania

Well well, another Bristol hotel has been revived in the east. The old Bristol hotel at 12 Domneasca Street in Galati has returned to its former name after being the Galati for many years under communism. The old building (right), like most in Ceaucescu's Romania, is entirely rebuilt (left) and has added a 'Le' before the Bristol - but then Romania always had pretensions towards Paris. Hotel Le Bristol could provide a pleasant place to stay in the Moldavian city on the banks of the Danube not far from the Black Sea. But somehow the old Bristol looks more inviting.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Steamboat Springs Bristol gets snowboarders' vote

Snowboard magazine in the US has just voted the Bristol Hotel in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, hotel of the week. "Why stay at a chain hotel when you can check out a place with some local flavor for the same price," says the magazine.

The hotel, illustrated here, was established in 1948 by local police chief Everett Bristol – so there is no doubting how this hotel got its name. With a welcoming host, Petrona Pusey, it's a great hotel in the middle of town, with a real old-time feel.

"The roots of Steamboat Springs are in ranching," says the hotel. "And that's the flavor that embraces you as you step across the threshold to an era gone by. You can almost hear spurs jingling with each footfall as the Bristol's ambience, like a Zane Grey novel, takes you to a simpler time. Hang up your duster, put your wide-brim on the hook and stay awhile."

Sounds wonderful. For other Bristol hotels in snowy skiing locations, visit Ski Bristol Hotels.

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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Hotel Bristol in Lagos comes down

The old Bristol Hotel in Martins Street, Lagos, is being demolished today. One of the city's well-known hotels, where foreigners used to go to exchange money, it has long been on the shabby side – there was even once a lynching in its garden. For some time, it has been in steady decline. The Martins family, who own the land, has been given permission by the state governor to pull it down, following the expiry of its 50-year lease.

This is one of the last hotel Bristols in Africa – the famous one in Cairo is long gone, leaving only three, in Tunis, Tangier and Asmara, in Eritrea.


Chef Laurent Jeannine at Le Bristol in Paris has produced a fancy chocolate dessert shaped like a handbag – another must-have for the must-buy clientele of the top hotel. At only 30 euros, it will add relatively little to Sarkozy's lunchtime bill.

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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bristol bid for 2018 World Cup

The city of Bristol is putting in a bid (December 16) to be the venue of the 2018 football World Cup, Mark Roche-Garland, general manager of The Bristol Hotel, says: "It's brilliant, we have to win on the 16th. The potential this has not just for my hotel but for every business in the city is incredible. Everyone is set to benefit with Bristol firmly placed on the world stage."

And that wonderful staircase at the Hotel Bristol in Geneva has been snapped again, this time by Robert of Toronto

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