Wednesday, 29 June 2011

New Hotel Bristol in Sarajevo

The 4-star Hotel Bristol in Sarajevo has recently opened, and has had good reviews, not least from satisfied customers from TripAdviser. Standing beside the River Miljacka in the heart of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina and 3km from the old town of Bascarsija, the hotel is owned by the Dubai-based Shaza hotel group. It has a Wellness and Fittness centres, pool, parking, two restaurants, a cafe and a 'traditional Bosnian lounge'. There are 16 suites as well as single and double rooms. It also has conference facilities and is popular with businessmen. Only a few years ago the Bristol was a derelict building, a victim of the Balkans war fit only for graffiti artists. It's good to see it back on its feet.

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