Sunday, 9 November 2008

The Bristol Story

Any Hotel Bristol proprietor looking for ideas to theme his or her establishment may look no further than The Bristol Story, an excellently produced 200-page history of the famous city in comic-book form. Written by Eugene Byrne and illustrated by Simon Gurr for the Bristol Great Reading Adventure 2008, it is rammed with facts. It includes a gallery of the city's best-known sons, daughters and dogs, including:
• Britain's most famous cricketer, WG Grace
• actor Cary Grant
• Samuel Plimsoll, inventor of the maritime Plimsoll Line
• 'Nipper' the canine model for HMV gramophone records
• Louise Brown, the world's first 'test tube baby'.
And did you know that this inventive city of vehicle and aircraft manufacturing made the first holiday caravan?
Thousands of copies of Bristol Story have been distributed free to schools and colleges, libraries, reading groups, the business community and members of the public.
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