Monday, 24 September 2012

Hotel suite for the "unfathomably rich"

When Barbra Streisand stayed in the Prince of Wales Suite (above) at the Hotel Bristol in Vienna, she was dismayed to find that the bed was too high for her small dog to jump onto, so the hotel had some steps built for the mutt. The story is told by Christian L.Wright  in the current edition of Condé Naste Traveler, in which the magazine ranks the eight-room Prince of Wales Suite as one of the eight "most lavish and expensive on earth" for the "unfathomably rich", costing up to $18,000 a night.
The story of the Prince of Wales and the Hotel Bristol is told in High Noon for the King's Moll, just one of the engaging chapters in High Times at the Hotel Bristol. The story can be read on-line