Sunday, 20 February 2011

Hotel Bristol Tuzla 'disparu' says Jazzy, from Tuzla, who posts this picture, below left, of where the Hotel Bristol in Tuzla stood from 1959 until recently. In its place the bright new hotel pictured on the right is planned for the third largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It could do no better than retain the excellent Bristol name. What this sounds like in the local languages - Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian – is hard to know, though there are Bristol hotels in Mostar, and in Opatija and Lovran in neighbouring Croatia, as well as one in Belgrade. Tuzla is Turkish for salt, a reminder that the Balkans were once in the Ottoman empire (the well known Bristol in Istanbul is now the Pera Museum). Two salt lakes are part of Tuzla's central park.


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    1. So sad to see it gone- it was an art deco treasure chest- in its day it was so vibrant and attractive. They would have been better to renovate than demolish- it had appeal that the Dubai-esque modernity cliche could never replace.