Wednesday, 4 November 2009

New Hotel for Bristol airport

Bristol International airport is to have its first hotel, a 250 bed building next to the terminal building. Costing £20 million, it is expected to open in 2012. The Pedersen Airport Hotels Group already had three hotels in Bristol The Novotel, Mercure and Ibis. As already reported here Bristol got its first hotel actually called Bristol earlier this year. Maybe this one will be name after the Britannia (right) or Blenheim (probably not Boxcart) or some other great aircraft built in Bristol.

Meantime the old Hotel Bristol in downtown LA, whose story we have been following, is now on schedule to open next year as affordable housing. It's already looking in a lot better shape than when we last looked - shades of its former glory are there for all to see. There will be a ground floor burger bar and the basement club will remain for a while.

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  1. Great news for Bristol Airport!
    I've already seen the new hotel appearing on Bristol hotel comparison websites.