Friday, 20 November 2009

Hotel Bristol Opatija for sale

The four-star Hotel Bristol in Opatija, Croatia, is reportedly up for sale. Its Austrian owners, who also own the resort's Astoria and Opatija hotels as well as the Apoksiamen on the island of Mali Losinj, are selling the Bristol either on its own or as part of the four-hotel package. Built in 1906, this elegant, 78-room hotel was fully renovated in 2004-5 and has been on the market for a couple of years. The company has now reduced the price by 20 percent in a bid to find a buyer.
.....In the mild Kvarner Gulf, Opatija was a favourite resort of the Habsburg aristocracy, and the pioneer seaside holiday spot in the Adriatic. "Abbazia, Idylle von der Adria", a guide book to the town then known as Abbazia, appeared in 1863, and the following year the first hotel opened: the Quarnero, now the Grand Hotel Kvarner. The town has a Museum of Tourism.

The Hotel Bristol in Mexico City gets a good write-up in Lonely Planet. Built in 1970 for the World Cup, this central hotel has rooms from $US54 a night. The hotel also gets a mention in "Trotsky and the Hotel Bristol that Never Was", a story in High Times at the Hotel Bristol.

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