Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Havana to New Hampshire

A couple of snippets:

Eladio Monroy is the detective hero of the Canarian writer Alexis Ravelo (Tres Funerales para Eladio Monroy etc). Eladio Monroy was the name of the last president and manager of the Hotel Bristol in Havana on the corner of S. Rafael and Amisted Street, an up-market hotel popular with Americans before the revolution.

The first Hotel Bristol (formerly Jurys Bristol) to be so named in Bristol earlier this year was not the first Bristol in Bristol. There was a Bristol Hotel in Bristol, New Hampshire (pictured right). The American town, which was incorporated in 1819, took its name from the deposits of sand and clay similar to "Bristol sand" used in Britain to make fine china, pottery and Bristol Blue Glass. In New Hampshire they used it to make a high-quality brick, sold as "Bristol Brick".

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