Saturday, 5 September 2009

Bristol memorabilia

Just come across this T-shirt design incorporating the logo of the Buenos Aires Bristol, part of a range of promotional material created from vintage luggage labels by Sahape Market and sold through Zazzle in the UK. In addition to the T-shirts (£16.95) you can get souvenir aprons (three sizes, up to £20.70), greetings cards, shopping bag, hat (£15.15) and mug (£17.25).

HOTELS IN BRISTOL (including the Bristol) are counting their blessings, and their pounds, at the end of the 12-week 'Banksy vs Bristol Museum exhibition, which attracted 4,000 visitors a day. The influx brough £10 million into the city's economy, doubling the turnover of a number of buisinesses. "It's nice to see it's been so popular," the elusive Bristol artist texted the media. "But it makes me suspicious. Throughout history all the great artists have been overlooked in their own lifetimes and only appreciated after they are gone. I'm starting to worry I'm not one o the good guys."

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