Monday, 11 July 2016

Bristols are big in Karlovy Vary

The Bristol Group in Karlovy Vary has eight top hotels in the celebrated spa town. Once known as Carlsbad, after it was founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV in 1370, it was one of the most glamorous spas in late 19th-century Europe, and today it has been revitalised. The complex is divided into two areas. Bristol Royal is in the West End by the English Park. It comprises the Bristol Hotel, the Bristol-Palace, Tereza, Kralovska, Vila Livia and Gregory House, while Bristol Riverside in the centre of town is made up of the Kolonàda and Pavlov hotels. The Vila Tereza is the former residence of the Austrian Empress ‘SisI’ Elizabeth, wife of Franz Josef I. 
The original Bristol was the Bristol-Palace (in the background of the picture above), which dates from 1890. Its many famous and glamorous guests included Sigmund Freud who met his nephew, Eddie Bernays, founder of public relations, here, and they are the background to ‘Freud’s Enema’, a chapter in High Times at the Hotel Bristol.

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