Monday, 6 August 2012

Where in the world is this Hotel Bristol?

Roland-François Lack, who runs The Cine-Tourist website has emailed this image of the Bristol Hotel from Cloak and Dagger, starring Gary Cooper. In the film, directed by Fritz Lang and made in 1946, Cooper plays a spy who flies to Zurich. "Everything is shot in Hollywood," says Roland-François, "but there is a brief shot of stock footage showing a European-style street with a Hotel Bristol."

He says he spent a "very enjoyable morning" here on the Hotel Bristol Site, but still could not find it.
Well, no, this one hasn't come up before and there is no image of it in the extensive Hotel Bristol archives.

The hotel is clearly not the present Hotel Bristol in Zurich (pictured below)

So where in the world was this hotel? The shop sign beside the hotel is not legible, but the figures above the store may be a clue.

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