Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Warsaw Bristol memories

Teresa Ferguson, a retired journalist from Warsaw has just returned to the Hotel Bristol after 22 years, and she describes her visit, and her memories of the hotel, where her mother was a receptionist in 1955, in her blog: Bristol Hotel in Warsaw – Walking the Memory Lane. As a child she spent days in the hotel behind the receptionist's desk, and attended Christmas parties. When she attended Warsaw University she used the Bristol Cafe, which was a popular student hangout. On her recent return to a quite different Warsaw, she writes: "All this mottled crowd, all this freedom, replaced the drab, silent and sad world that I had lived in, it seemed, only yesterday, and I thought about how different my life and my chances would have been were I a student now."
A tale about Lady Thatcher opening the revamped Warsaw Hotel Bristol in 1993 is told in 'Lady Thatcher's Finest Hour', a chapter in High Times at the Hotel Bristol.

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